FSX Texture Conversion Installer

by WhiskeyMike

For more info, please see this youtube video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYbVx1Zz3Us

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The Little Blog & Updates & Stuff
Jun 24 , 2009

Ok guys... I really apologize for the extreme delay in Version 2!  I've had so much happen in my life that it's been impossible to focus on most other things.  As I type this, the Version 2 installer is being compiled.  This will take all night.


Now before I release Version 2, I'm looking for 10 people who have installed Version 1, and 5 people who have not installed anything.... to test Version 2.  I've tried something new and I want to make sure everything works fine-- and I want to gauge the FPS increase across the board (which I know won't be as good as Version 1, because this release contains higher quality textures).

Those interested should not have REX, FEX, or any third party textures installed. Additionally, participants must understand and accept the slight possibility the beta version 2 may mess up FSX, resulting in the need to re-install FSX.

Those who participate will need to give me constand feedback over the course of a week keeping me up to date with their FPS over dense areas, texture quality, and any glitches.  If none are found, Version 2 will be released at the end of the closed beta testing (one week after we start testing).

Interested? Email me at:  whiskeymike@charter.net       - WM

May 15, 2009 I've been working 13 hour days for the last couple weeks, and had no time to work on Version 2. I have now converted all textures to DXT3, all I have to do is create the installer, which I plan to run Saturday Night!  SO... VERSION 2 WILL BE RELEASED THIS WEEKEND, BY SUNDAY MAY 17TH!

On a side note, my sympathies go out to Tom Allensworth of AVSIM.net as his site was taken down by hackers. He calls it a total loss.  But rest assured, it will be back up and better than ever.  I will continue to post updates here of AVSIM as well.  This makes me want to get the new community up and running!  Estimated time until I start working on that is about July 4th.       - WM
April 9, 2009 Ok... I know I said March for the version 2. I've had many people asking where it's at. Over the course of the last two months, my wife and I had a baby (which has been taking up a lot of time), and I've had to reinstall Windows 3 times. Finally I just ordered a new computer that will be here in about a week.

When I get the new computer, I'll install FSX, and begin making version 2!  We're looking at an April 30th release date!!!!!       - WM
Jan 31, 2009 Due to the popularity of this installer program, I am considering starting a new FS site (I know, I know, there's already like a million sites out there).  I'm still doing some brainstorming but I think it will be formed as an FS community, with (legal) file sharing (no payware).

Currently, I'm working on a web program for a customer.  Once I'm done with that, I'll be starting work on the new site.  Keep checking back here for more updates!  It should be fun!       - WM
Jan 28, 2009 Version 2 of the FSX Texture Conversion Installer is planned for release sometime in early March 2009!  It will include DXT3 textures.  This will not provide as much of a performance increase, but it will offer better detail than the DXT1 textures (for those who think the DXT1 textures in this release remove too much detail).

It will also include the default (original) jetway textures, because there have been reports the converted jetway textures look slightly distorted.        - WM
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 Interested?  ONLY SERIOUS SIMMERS NEED APPLY. Must be at least 17 and have a minimum of 20 hours logged on VATSIM.
Apply at: www.virtualallegiantair.com
The Information
I want to thank Steve (SSSCLimitedTrademark) for his instructions on how to do this. It's his work, I just did it on my machine and bottled it up!

Depending on what kind of system you have-- you may see anywhere from a 5fps - 20 fps increase in FSX. I personally seen an average increase of about 18 fps.

These files are DXT1 versions of the default FSX terrain files. Quality is barely affected (I can't notice a difference).

Some people have reported a jetway distortion but I haven't noticed that.


The FAQs
Q1. Does this affect quality a lot?
A1. The current version (1) is DXT1a format, which is a much smaller file that loads much faster than the default DXT5.  That being said, yes... there will be a decrease in qualitiy.  HOW MUCH?  Well......  the installer (v1) has been out since the second week of Jan 09, and I've only heard 5 people mention a noticable difference in quality (as of 1/31/09).  The actual conversion instructions provided by SSSCLimitedTrademark have been out since early 2008. As far as I know, he hasn't heard much complaints either.  I would say the percentage of people satisfied vs. those who aren't are about 90% to 10%.

Now when I release version 2, that will include DXT3 files, which are still smaller than DXT5, will still load faster (more fps), but will have almost all the quality of the original DXT5 files.  The performance increase won't be as high, but you'll have pretty much the exact same quality as the original default textures.
Q2. Can it be done with scenery addons installed?
A2. Absolutely.  This installer only replaces your default textures... stuff like the ground, snow, terrain, trees.  Addon scenery (airports, etc) will not be affected.
Q3. Will it affect addon aircraft textures?
A3. No, whole seperate thing.
Q4. Does this modify Real Environment Xtreme's / Flight Environment X textures?
A4. (Quoted from Steve) - "I wouldn't recommend using these texture conversions for the REX textures, because distortion can occur when converting 3rd party addons. I recommend using these conversions with the default FSX textures only."
Q5. Does this installer work with Vista?
A5. For the record... I hate Vista.  Anyhow, yes... it will run with Vista.  You may have to right click and run as Administrator.
Q6. Does this program access my registry in any way (add/delete entries into my registry).
A6. It doesn't modify your registry at all.  I did write it to get the installation location of Flight Sim X from your registry to point it to your Flight Sim X folder, but I'm not sure it actually works.
Q7. It says I need a password.  What's the password?
A7. Look below in the "The Files" section.
More Q/A as they come in thru email!  I don't really like answering questions over YouTube.
The Files
The installer is so big, I've split it into four pieces for size and download.  You'll need a program like WinRAR to extract the installer from the 4 parts.

To extract, simply right click on  FSXTextureConversion.part1.rar  and select  "Extract Here".  The installer program itself will then be extracted in the same folder/place where the 4 .rar parts are.  It will ask you for a password.  The password can be located in the YouTube video linked above.

FSXTextureConversion.part1.rar | FSXTextureConversion.part2.rar

FSXTextureConversion.part3.rar | FSXTextureConversion.part4.rar

The Contact Info
whiskeymike@charter.net  -  That's the email!  If you have any questions, comments, etc. feel free to pass them by me.

I'M ALSO LOOKING FOR PEOPLE INTERESTED IN THE NEW FS COMMUNITY WEBSITE!!!  If you've got any ideas for that, or what you would like to see in the new site... something that other sites don't have, etc.... let me know!   I'd like to know how many people are interested.

Welcome to the following countries who have visited this little site I threw together so far:

Country Hits (as of 1/31/09) Country Hiits (as of 1/31/09)
United States 7,531 New Caledonia 521
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